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Welcome to the website of the authorized Cultural Center of Shaolin Temple in Greece.

The Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊 Πολι Cultural Center is the officially authorized Shaolin Cultural Center throughout Greece with a monk from the Shaolin Temple 少林寺, Master Xi Yang Xiang 释 延 向 法师, who is officially authorized by the Abbot Xi Yong Xin himself大师 大师of the Shaolin Monastery, to operate the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Greece, as well as to use the name and logos of the Shaolin Temple.

Here you can attend sessions of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu , Chen Taichi , Qigong , Neigong , Gu Luin Kung Fu , self-defense meditation, etc. A free trial is possible whenever you want. There are ongoing courses and you can enroll at any time in the year.

If you have any questions, contact us by phone or email.


Instructor teaching at

Shaolin Gong Fu

From time to time we offer training to become a Shaolin instructor. The training covers a wide range of Kung Fu forms, weapons, theory and basic knowledge on how to operate a Kung Fu school.