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Σι Γιάν Σιάνγκ ì 延 向 法师 (Shì Yán Xiàng Fǎshi)

Master Xi Yang Xiang 释 延 向 法师, was born in 1976 in Thessaloniki and since 1989 lives in Athens. He has been studying martial arts since the age of 14. In particular, traditional Shaolin from the age of 22. Also at the age of 32, he began to study Chan Buddhism through books, while at the age of 36, he began to follow a special Shaolin diet, still practicing more with Chan Buddhism and meditation, so as to delve substantially into Shaolin Changui (禅 武 医) and not just into martial arts (.).

Since 2006 he has met and until today is under the tutelage of great Masters of traditional Shaolin and Chen Tai Chi, such as Wang Jong Ren 王宗仁, Xi De Su 释 书, Xi De Fang 释 德 方, Xi Yuan Xuan 释 延炫 and Wang Jan Guo 战国 战国.

In 2013, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Xi Yong Xin γίνεται , became his spiritual Master, where in the traditional ceremony inside the Shaolin Temple, a 34th generation student of Shaolin combat monks was appointed, with the monastic name Xi Yang Xiang 向 向 向 ( Shì Yán Xiàng). Pictures from the ceremony:

On May 26, 2008, Master Xi Yang Xiang founded the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece Shaolin Temple Greece- 少林寺 少林寺 - 文化 中心, in the center of Athens, in the area of ​​Sepolia. In November 2014 he expands, sending his personal student Alexopoulos Nikolaos 释 恒 到, to represent him, opening the School of Traditional Shaolin and Tai Chi in Peristeri ( Shaolin Temple Greece-Peristeri ).

Shaolin Temple Greece.JPG

After much inner search all these years, in October 2016, Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 travels to China, but this time, he remains confined to the Shaolin Temple and successfully completes the ancient JIEBA ceremony as 34th generation Shaolin monk (hé shang 和尚). Master Xi Xiang is the only Shaolin monk in Greece and is officially recognized by the People's Republic of China, the State Buddhist Federation of China 协会 协会 协会 and the Shaolin Temple, having all the necessary documents.

It is also officially authorized by the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Xi Ying Xin 释永信, to operate and maintain the only authorized Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Greece 少林寺 少林寺 文化 中心, as well as to use the name and logos of the Temple Shaolin.

shaolin temple greece authorized.JPG

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, in the village of Chen, Master Xi Yang Xiang officially becomes a student of Master Wang Zhan Guo with the traditional Chinese ceremony and thus becomes the first Greek official student of Master Wang Zhang Guo and official representative of Aqas Tkasu Akad Jan Guo in Greece.

That same month, on Thursday, April 12, Shaolin Wushu Association Πρό 武术 εδρος , President of China's Shaolin Wushu Association μει 武术 协会, awarded him the rank of 7th Duan , after eight consecutive years with him. Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 法师 is a certified Master of Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts by the Shaolin Wushu Association协会 武术 协会 with registration number 01870002 and its official representative in Greece.

Finally, it should be noted that since March 2015, Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 法师, is the first Greek, and personal student of Master Wu Fang (吴 南方) at the Gu Luin Gong Fu Academy and brought it to Greece to spread in the best possible way the tradition of the authentic Shaolin Changui (禅 武 医) and the culture of Gu Luin Kung Fu in the only learning place in Greece, the Shaolin Changoui Cultural Center of Greece Shaolin Temple Greece - 希腊 少林寺.

In addition to teaching at the cultural center, Master Xi Yiang Xiang teaches non-profit at the only Chinese school in Athens, the Chinese School of Athens 学校 中文 学校, organizes demonstrations, workshops, nature trips, lectures, and seminars for the comprehensive promotion of Shaolin Changui's cultural values ​​and philosophy of culture.

Master Shi Yan Xiang in Vienna
shaolin temple greece.JPG
shaolin temple greece.jpg
Master Wang Zhong Ren with Shaolin monk Shi Yan Xiang
Shaolin Temple Greece
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