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Σι Γιάν Σιάνγκ ì 延 向 法师 (Shì Yán Xiàng Fǎshi)

Master Xi Yang Xiang 释 延 向 法师, was born in 1976 in Thessaloniki and since 1989 lives in Athens. He has been studying martial arts since the age of 14. In particular, traditional Shaolin from the age of 22. Also at the age of 32, he began to study Chan Buddhism through books, while at the age of 36, he began to follow a special Shaolin diet, still practicing more with Chan Buddhism and meditation, so as to delve substantially into Shaolin Changui (禅 武 医) and not just into martial arts (.).

Since 2006 he has met and until today is under the tutelage of great Masters of traditional Shaolin and Chen Tai Chi, such as Wang Jong Ren 王宗仁, Xi De Su 释 书, Xi De Fang 释 德 方, Xi Yuan Xuan 释 延炫 and Wang Jan Guo 战国 战国.

In 2013, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Xi Yong Xin γίνεται , became his spiritual Master, where in the traditional ceremony inside the Shaolin Temple, a 34th generation student of Shaolin combat monks was appointed, with the monastic name Xi Yang Xiang 向 向 向 ( Shì Yán Xiàng). Pictures from the ceremony: