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Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Greece - olin 少林寺

The Officially Authorized Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Greece

Our Center provides a gathering place for people to experience Chinese heritage and philosophy together, whether from Greece or around the world.

The Shaolin Temple Greece Κ Πολι Cultural Center is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, age or disability.

In our cultural center, in addition to teaching and promoting the integrated traditional Shaolin Changui, there are frequent presentations - events and events related to Shaolin culture such as Shaolin Changi energy therapy (Chi Gong & Nei Gong), meditation (Chan) Chinese medicine, vegetarian cuisine of Shaolin Temple, Chinese lessons, calligraphy, traditional tea serving, etc.).

Responsible for the Center's teaching materials is Shi Yán Xiàng Fa Shi, a 34th-generation warrior monk, 延 向 法师, a student of the Abbot of China's Shaolin Temple, Xi Yong Xin 大师 大师

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Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊 少林寺 Cultural Center is the only officially authorized Shaolin Cultural Center in all of Greece with a monk from Shaolin Temple 少林寺, Master Xi Yang Xiang γκ 延 向 法师, who is officially authorized by Abbot Xi Yong himself Sin 释永信 of the Shaolin Monastery, to operate the Shaolin Cultural Center in Greece, as well as to use the name and logos of the Shaolin Temple. Also, Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 法师 has all the certification and identification documents up to the 34th generation Shaolin monk, from the Shaolin Temple and the Buddhist Association of China.

The mission of the Shaolin Temple Greece έν Πολι Cultural Center is to spread Shaolin philosophy and culture through practice and to train all sentient beings on how to achieve Enlightenment, purification of mind and a healthy body.

In general, Shaolin culture upholds the virtues of kindness, perseverance, self-discipline, charity, and selfless compassion. By studying it, we learn to be virtuous citizens while trying to free ourselves from the sufferings of life.


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