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Shaolin Changui was founded by Master Wuyan of the Ming Dynasty, which has been spread for eighteen generations. Teachers Xi De Jien and Xi De Fang are his modern successors. The development of the "Union of Mind and Body" is based on Changwi, Psychology, and modern clinical intervention. The main feature of this "Union of Mind and Body" is that it is built on Chinese Buddhism Chan (Zen) and traditional Chinese culture and consists of four basic elements where they interact with each other. These four elements are:

1) The increase of self-knowledge (修 心),

2) The modification of eating habit (飲食 改善),

3) The inner breathing exercise Nei Gong (內 養 功) and

4) The disengagement in body cavities (通竅).

Increasing self-awareness refers to understanding the principles of Buddhism to improve mental health. Modifying a eating habit is reducing the intake of foods that will produce too much heat inside the body. These include meat, fish, eggs, chives, ginger, garlic, processed spicy foods and spicy foods.

Nei Gong Indoor Breathing Exercises is the practice in traditional Shaolin for physical and mental health. Unblocking in the body cavities is to keep the body cavities, especially the nostrils and large intestine, functioning properly.

These four elements are interdependent. To maintain physical and mental health, one must learn them together.

The authentic Shaolin Changui is so precious to life, but only a few people know about it! Chan Wu Yi can help people improve their physical problems, reduce psychological symptoms, gain spiritual enlightenment, gain self-defense, self-awareness and be wiser.

It is unfortunate that there is some misunderstanding of Shaolin culture, because the name "Shaolin" has been misused by many for commercial purposes and distorts its original essence. Only the term "wushu Shaolin" is widely used as an advertisement by "Shaolin teachers" to attract the public. This is not a bad thing at all.

However, doing only the Kung Fu (Wu) part, wearing monastic costumes like the Shaolin monks, saying they are apostles of the Shaolin Temple itself, is very destructive to the Temple and Shaolin Chan. They will never delve into the traditional martial art of Shaolin Chan (ChanWu). Every student, through his teacher, should know about Changwi and not only Kung Fu. There is so much more to Shaolin than Kung Fu.

Chan started in Shaolin Temple, so it is a very important part of the Shaolin tradition. However, many Westerners prefer non-"religious" martial arts or at least not Eastern "religious" martial arts. But the most serious Shaolin students will also pursue Chan's part.

Then there is the missing piece Υi. ChanYi means medicine. It is the third treasure of Shaolin culture, which in the West has been completely ignored. The art of Shaolin medicine begins with the Shaolin Qi Gong energy method, namely the two methods spread by Tamo (Bodhidharma), the "Tendon of Muscle / Tendon Change" or Yi Jin Jing 易筋经 and the "Treatise" for brain / brain cleansing "or Xi Sui Jing 洗髓经. Without the systematic practice of the above teachings one will not be able to reach the desired result. It makes no sense for anyone to learn it and then practice for only a few months.

Another important element of a healthy lifestyle is diet control. Vegetarian diet significantly improves health.

So the above "teachers" have not studied Shaolin Chan, as well as their eating habits, such as alcohol consumption, meat consumption, are wrong as far as referring to the cultural values of Shaolin.

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