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Shaolin Summer Retreat 2019.jpg

Annual Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi Summer Summer Excursion

Every year the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece & the School of Traditional Shaolin and Tai Chi in Peristeri, organize the "Annual Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi Summer Excursion".

The purpose of this event is to equate our daily life with the daily life and environment of a Shaolin Temple practitioner, so that every student here in the West, to experience the different emotions, thoughts, difficulties, experiences, to know his limits and to transcends them, always surrounded by the beautiful images and sounds of Nature. Every year the location is different, so that we know more about our beautiful country.

Enclosed for a week in such an environment, under the watchful eye and constant guidance of Master Xi Xiang Xiang, a 34th generation Shaolin monk, the student understands and delves deeper into the culture philosophy of Shaolin Changwi & Tai Chi, always aiming at Tai Chi and his mental health.

After the Fundraising back stronger physically and especially mentally. Wiser, full of calm energy and better able to cope with the struggle that each of us gives individually.

Shaolin Summer Retreat 2019.jpg

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