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The Five Rules of Conduct of Chan Buddhism

The Five Rules of Conduct are the most important moral system for non-monk Buddha followers. They are the basic code of ethics followed by the popular followers of Buddhism. Within the Buddhist doctrine, they are intended to develop the mind and character to make progress on the path to enlightenment.

1. I will be careful and pious with all living beings. I will not be violent or kill.

Avoid killing or damaging any living organism. I abstain from killing living beings. I will try to protect and care for all living creatures.

2. I will respect the property of others, I will not steal.

Avoid theft. Do not take what is not yours. I abstain from taking what is not freely given.
Live simply and wisely.

3. I will be conscious and loving in my relationships, I will not give my place to lust.

Avoid sexual irresponsibility. I abstain from inappropriate sexual activity.
Do not be sexually abused.

4. I will honor honesty and truth, I will not deceive.


Avoid lying or any harmful speech. I abstain from the wrong speech. Avoid lies, gossip, slander and false rumors. Silence is precious, I do not gossip or engage in casual conversations.

5. I will deal properly with my body and mind. I will not be greedy or abuse alcohol.


Avoid alcohol and drugs that reduce the clarity of consciousness. I abstain from toxic drinks and drugs that lead to carelessness. Avoid too many drinks because they cloud the mind.

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