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Shaolin, Taichi & Qigong Excursions

Due to the interest of some of our members and not, for day trips and not only, we are pleased to announce the creation of a small team of our Center, Shaolin Trekking.

For the last 7 years, Master Xi Yian Xiang 延 延 向 法师 has started the excursions in the surrounding mountains of Athens in search of various spiritual points-locations in Mother Nature.

Over time, some of our members showed interest in these short getaways just one to two hours at most, from the hustle and bustle of Athens. Thus, in recent years, small excursions have been established in the surrounding areas of Athens, such as Parnitha, Fili, Varybopi, Ymitos, Penteli.

In our excursions, the cost of participation is usually symbolic, except in the case of a rental of a means of transport for our destination or the reservation of a room in a hotel, where then you will need to pay the amount that will be announced to reserve your place.

Registration Form

In Outdoor Tours / Activities although Shaolin Trekking takes due care to minimize risk to participants, a certain level of responsibility should fall on each participant for his / her own personal safety in the countryside. In addition, it is your duty to dress and equip appropriately, and to inform your driver of any condition during the tour / activity or any health problems. We reserve the right to modify activities or locations for reasons of weather, security or inaccessibility.


Each participant is responsible for his personal safety. Shaolin Trekking is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries to a participant, unless this is due to negligence on its part. By agreeing to take part in the tours / activities organized by Shaolin Trekking, you agree to follow the safety instructions given by the driver and to pay due attention to the activities.

What should we have with us

1. Small backpack bag (capacity approximately 20-30 liters), which fits comfortably on the back and allows free movement of hands.

2. Flashlight: extra battery and light bulb

3. Whistle

4. Knife or similar multi-tool

5. Windproof jacket (Depending on the weather)

6. Bottle of water

7. Garbage bag (for our personal waste)

8. Personal pharmacy. (Also any of the participants, taking special medications or has an allergy problem should sometimes inform, for his own safety and the other members of the team).

9. It is also good on that day for those interested to arrange their obligations so that the worry of return does not burden them with harmful stress. Because, among other things, it will deprive them, above all, of the opportunity to enjoy the activity!


Preveza 84-86

Athens, PC 104 43 (Ground floor)


(0030) 6994 681781, 2114004494

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