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  Teacher Alexopoulos Nikolaos Shi 到 到 (Shi Heng Dao)

Alexopoulos Nikolaos was born in 1984 in Athens and lives permanently in the Municipality of Peristeri. From the age of 6 he started practicing the martial art of Karate. However, the art that won his respect and love was the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, where over the years he did not stop looking for it in the various Kung Fu schools of Athens, practicing intensively in them.

In 2008 his zeal led him to the 34th generation of Shaolin fighters,

Σι Γιάν Σιάνγκ ì 延 向 法师 (Shì Yán Xiàng Fǎshi) . Since then, having found the "source" of the original Shaolin, he has not stopped his apprenticeship until today, becoming a personal student of Master Xi Yang Xiang himself.

In the summer of 2013, Master Xi Yang Xiang takes him to his first steps in China and introduces him to the Fa Wang Temple. There he will stay indoors and receive personal training as is traditionally done, spending a "hot" summer of strenuous training. Since 2014, he has strictly followed the line of the Shaolin Temple in his personal teaching, but also that of his students, by Master Xi Xiang Xiang. Thus he closed a large cycle of studies in the subject of traditional Shaolin, gaining recognition of the level he managed to achieve with the years of his apprenticeship.

In the year 2018, the 34th generation monk of the Shaolin Temple, Shi Yang Xiang à 延 法师 法师 (Shì Yán Xiàng Fǎshi) also becomes his spiritual Master, where with the traditional ceremony Gui Yi Fa Hui 皈依 法 会, he was appointed 35th generation student of battle monks Shaolin, with the name Shi Heng Dao 释 恒 到, thus officially entering under the genealogical tree of the Shaolin Temple.

Pictures from the ceremony:

Shaolin Temple Greece
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