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Purpose of the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece.

Shaolin Temple Greece Κ θηκε was founded in 2008 and is a non-profit organization. Its aim is to promote Shaolin culture.

Our Center consists of a small "family", which is not always easy to maintain and with the various necessary monthly expenses and bills we can always use a helping hand. Therefore, if you want to contribute to our project, fill out the form below.

The main goal is to provide a space where the interested person will be able, under the guidance of an experienced and reputable Chinese Shaolin Temple Teacher, to develop physically and spiritually and to immerse himself in Shaolin culture. According to tradition, Buddhist Temples and Cultural Centers are always funded by their members through donations, for the benefit of the monks and their spiritual work. This explains why China's Shaolin Temple does not fund a Temple in Europe. In this way, the Shaolin Temple in China began to support many charitable projects, such as the education and health care of 1,000 orphans.

Another key goal is to follow in our country, through our Center and this website, the example of the Shaolin Temple in China and to do charity work. Your donation not only helps to spread Shaolin culture in Greece, but in any case is an important help in achieving our goals.


For that, thank you very much!


We wholeheartedly thank all the members and not for your support.

Δωρεά μέσω κατάθεσης web banking σε λογαριασμό της τράπεζας Πειραιώς:

IBAN: GR8301721850005185105552511


Thanks! Message sent.

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