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Events at the Shaolin Temple Greece Cultural Center 少林寺 少林寺 - 文化 中心

The Shaolin Temple Greece Κ 少林寺 - 文化 Πολι Cultural Center is not just another martial arts school. We promote Shaolin Changui culture in our own unique way. The atmosphere and environment we have created is ideal for everyone, so that they can participate and learn the most traditional styles, while at the same time experiencing the culture and traditions of ancient art and discipline in a modern world. Below is a list of the main events that take place during a year. We invite you to come!

Chinese New Year event

Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. The Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese calendar. This is a public holiday, during which most Chinese have 7 days off work.


Shaolin Changui Summer Excursion

Every year during the summer we make a trip to nature, where we can learn, have fun and spend our time getting to know each other outside the Cultural Center. It is also a unique opportunity for students to get to know the instructors and the Teacher.

There are a number of activities for everyone to choose from and if you have enough energy you can try them all. It is also a great opportunity to relax and enjoy your break from your busy lifestyle. If you can only attend one event all year round, this should be our Summer Excursion.

Travel to China

Every year we travel to China (Beijing, Shaolin Temple, Taichi Village) with Master Xi Yan Xiang 法师 延 向 法师, to exchange cultural values! This trip has from intensive exercise to visiting some of the most fantastic places on earth. A trip not to be missed!

New School Year Start Day

Every year, at the beginning of September, we celebrate the Opening Day of our Center after the summer. A great opportunity to attend and try the 10 minute instructional courses, taught by Master Xi Yan Xiang 释 延 法师 法师, that will be taught over the coming year and learn about their program.

Moon Festival - Mid Autumn Festival

  In China, the Moon Festival takes place on the eve of the first full moon in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. The Festival is traditionally celebrated for the rice harvest and for the admiration of the moon, which at this time of year is usually round and yellow, like a huge egg yolk. They eat foods that look like the moon and are popular during this period such as mooncakes. Mooncakes are the traditional dessert eaten that day. We celebrate by eating together and throwing, as is traditionally, lanterns in the sky.

Celebration for the End of the Year - Year End Celebration

Before the end of each year, we celebrate with a 20-minute dynamic presentation of traditional Shaolin, by the students and the Master himself, draws for young and old and of course vegetarian Chinese cuisine.

World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day

Every year, in April, all over the world, World Tai Chi & Chi Gong Day is celebrated. So at our Center, that Day, we visit Nature and take open Tai Chi & Chi Gong lessons, led by Master Xi Xiang άν 延 向 法师.

In addition, our Cultural Center organizes, over time, 3-day Excursions and Educational Workshops, with speakers, Master Xi Yan Xiang or his "brothers" from Shaolin Temple in China

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