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Instructor Arvanitidis Christos

Arvanitidis Christos was born on August 2, 1980 in New Philadelphia and comes from the Prefecture of Evros.

His involvement with the martial arts began in 1994, initially practicing Karate. In 1997 he started practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu and since 2011 he maintains his own school in the area of ​​Agioi Anargyroi.

In the year 2015 he had attended private lessons of Gu Luin Kung Fu at the Cultural Center of Shaolin Temple in Greece - Shaolin Temple Greece, where he met for the first time the 34th generation Shaolin monk, Master Xi Xiang άν 延 向 法师. In September 2019 he meets again, Master Xi Xiang Xiang and thus continues his "journey" in the traditional authentic Shaolin and Taichi culture.

In October 2019, showing devotion and love for the cultural values ​​of Shaolin culture, he joins the annual Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor Training Program.

By July 2020, attending two to three hours a week of personal lessons, as he continues to this day, with his Teacher, he successfully completes the School of Trainers 2019-2020

and is appointed instructor of the Shaolin Temple Greece Κ 少林寺 文化 Κ Cultural Center. In September 2020 he joins Shaolin Kung Fu classes at his school in Agioi Anargyroi.

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