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Lay Discipleship Ceremony Greece (7)_edi

Shi Heng Jong 释 恒 忠

Alexandros Moschos was born in Athens and lived there for the first four years, but grew up in Monemvasia until he finished school. There he helped his family in the business he maintained until he left for studies in Messolonghi.

After completing his studies, he started working in his field as an Ichthyologist from 2003 until the end of 2008. In 2007 he passed the qualifying examinations at the University of the Aegean in Chios in the Department of Business Administration where he completed his studies. He has been living and working in Athens since the fall of 2009.

As a child he loved martial arts and was always fascinated by their philosophy and the possibilities they could offer both physically and mentally.

In December 2012 he meets the 34th generation Shaolin monk, Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 法师and thus begins his "journey" in the traditional authentic Shaolin and Taichi culture.

In October 2016, showing devotion and love for the cultural values of Shaolin culture, he is part of the training program for an instructor, attending additional hours of personal lessons, until today with his Master, thus reaching December 2018 to be appointed as a 35th generation martial arts student. of Shaolin monks, named Xi Heng Jong 释 恒 忠, thus entering, officially, under the family tree of Shaolin Temple. Pictures from the ceremony:

Shaolin Temple Greece
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