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Cultural trip to China 29/3 - 17/4 2018

On Tuesday, April 17, another very important cultural trip to China came to an end. A trip station for the right course and promotion of the culture of traditional Shaolin and Tai Chi in our country.


On Friday, March 30, Master Xi Xiang 法师 延 法师, a 34th generation Shaolin Temple monk, and four participants land at Beijing Capital Airport. In this year's trip, apart from his students, a new member of the Shaolin Temple Greece α μα family, the Teacher of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Paiania, Stamatia Tsamoutalidis α 延 延, followed.

During their stay in Beijing, participants visited the Great Wall 萬里長城, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attended the Beijing Opera 京剧, an important tradition of Chinese culture with a history of 200 years, entered the Forbidden City, the city - palace Emperors of China, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There was also a visit to a tea shop where they attended the traditional tea making ceremony and to a collection-production shop of pure silk products.


For the first time this year, after seven years, Master Xi Yang Xiang agrees to be followed in the intimate environment of the home of Master Wang Zhang Guo 战国 战国, his students and to be taught together the authentic knowledge of the beautiful Art of Chen Tai Chi.

A special and certainly unforgettable experience for all the participants, who also had the opportunity, on Saturday, April 7, to attend the traditional Chinese ceremony of Master Xi Yang Xiang, as the first Greek official student of Master Wang Zhang Guo and official representative of A Chi of Teacher Wang Jan Guo in Greece.


Last stop is the legendary Shaolin Temple and the surroundin