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The real followers of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi, are vegetarians with a special diet. There is a rumor that Shaolin Temple monks are not vegetarians. This is untrue!

Being a vegetarian is very important for learning the traditional Shaolin martial art. So it is a tradition for Shaolin monks to follow a very strict vegetarian diet, otherwise they will not be able to practice the martial art of Shaolin (Shaolin Chan Wu), that is, to use the martial art as a means to attain enlightenment.

In addition, according to the theory of Shaolin medicine, it is better to maintain our health through a healthy diet than from the treatment of diseases with medication. A vegetarian diet is the key to good health.

Shaolin Chan Wu Yi as a Chan practice, emphasizes the practice of a calm and peaceful mind. Our bodies and emotions are affected by our diet, so Shaolin Chan Wu Yi followers are very careful about what they put in their mouths and then in their bodies.

All Shaolin Chan Wu Yi followers, especially those who want to reach the highest level in Shaolin martial arts, will not eat meat, fish or eggs, but only cereals and vegetables. But even some vegetables that are considered spicy (chives, Chinese chives and garlic) are avoided. In addition they will not eat ginger, mustard, too hot spices and foods with chili.

According to Chan Wu Yi's theories, meat, hot and spicy food, is high in protein, fat, energy and can stimulate blood circulation in the human body. But if they are not digested properly, they remain inside the body, causing inflammation and affecting the circulation of qi and blood. This will negatively affect a person's physical and mental condition to a significant degree. It is also an important factor that influences a person from developing a calm and steady mind.

Since Shaolin martial arts are to train the heart and mind, it will be very difficult for someone to deepen if their body is not cleansed with a special vegetarian diet. If one practices Shaolin martial arts without following this type of diet, what one practices is only one's body and this cannot be considered as traditional Shaolin martial art, regardless of the time period one is engaged in.

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