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Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi Summer Camp 2017

The Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi Annual Summer Excursion, organized by the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece & the School of Traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi in Peristeri and successfully held at 11, was successfully completed on Friday, July 28, 2017. on the mountain of Parnitha.

Those who participated had the opportunity to experience the schedule and daily life of the monks of Shaolin Temple, with a vegetarian diet, seven hours of exercise in Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi in the heart of the forest, enjoying the most popular mountain in Attica.

Parnitha National Park is the closest park to Athens and the closest to a European capital. In Parnitha you can find 1,100 species of flora, 37 species of mammals and 131 species of birds.

They also had the opportunity to make an introduction to Chinese calligraphy, by learning some basic characters, with the 34th generation Shaolin monk of our country,

Xi Ying Xiang 释 延 向 法师.

The matter of this year's camp were:

Tamo Yi Jin Jing ζ ργ energy exercise, a sequence characterized by soft, uniform movements designed to rejuvenate the limbs and internal organs. The main purpose of Yi Jin Jing is to turn loose and fragile nerves and tendons into strong and durable ones. These exercises are remarkable because they are a key element of the physical exercise used in the training of Shaolin monks.

The traditional set Xin Yi Liu He Chuan '意 六合 拳 "The fist of the intention of the Six Harmonies". One of the oldest traditional Shaolin ensembles rarely taught today.

Chen Tai Chi Lao Lao Tzu Yi Lu with Master Alexopoulos Nikos,, Chan Meditation, San Da (Free Fight), Chinese calligraphy.

There was no shortage of documentaries on Shaolin history and culture, as well as discussions with the Masters.

On the last day, the material was presented by the participants and after the end they received certificates of participation for our excursion this year.

Master Xi Yang Xiang congratulated all the participants for their weekly effort and renewed the appointment for the next Summer Excursion of 2018. Amitoufo!

Report of our Summer Excursion from the official website of China Shaolin Temple. See here

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