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Shaolin ChanYi - 少林 禅 医

Martial arts (Shaolin ChanWu) can not be separated from Shaolin medicine. Shaolin medicine is called Chan Yi (ChanYi-Chan medicine). It is different from traditional and modern Chinese medicine, but not competitive. Chinese medicine has a history of over 5,000 years and is a "treasure" of Chinese culture. Shaolin medicine was created from this 5,000-year-old "treasure" and developed into a special and unique kind of medicine by Shaolin monks.

Shaolin medicine focuses on eliminating the negative spirit and negative thoughts but also to "cleanse" the mind. It includes guided movements, combined with breathing (Qi Gong-Qi Gong), mind-body exercises, botany, dietary restrictions and some suitable methods including acupuncture and smearing on areas with a special ointment.

All of the above are based on the founding of Chan and Chi. Practicing a virtuous mind is the prerequisite for building a strong body and mental health is the foundation of physical health.

There are thousands of cavities and meridians in the human body. When we release them, our physical and mental health is strengthened.

The main reasons that block the body cavities are:

1) Unhealthy diet

2) Inadequate treatment

3) Extreme emotions

4) Careless clothing depending on the weather

5) Personal hygiene

Thus Shaolin medicine focuses on unblocking the seven main cavities of the human body which are, the nose, the mouth, the pores of the skin and the two occult parts of the human body.

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