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Shaolin ChanWu (Shaolin Chan Martial Art) - 少林 禅 武

Shaolin Chan martial art is not just a series of fighting moves. This is what makes it different from other martial arts. Martial arts emphasize battle, but knowledge of martial arts has nothing to do with battle.

In Shaolin Chan martial art, we try to understand the reactions and thoughts in our own minds, so that we can understand more and more ourselves and the meaning of life. The main purpose is the "internal" exercise, from exercising only the muscles and limbs. So, "inner" exercise means exercise of the mind, so the mind needs to always be calm. When the mind is calm, bioelectric energy (Qi) is possible, resulting in "inner" energy. So in order to practice internally, we have to practice the mind, the mind of a pure soul, something that is not seen or touched.

The mind becomes the Master, if we have thoughts in our mind, the body will move. If we think to look left, the eyes will look left, if we look right, the eyes will look right. This is what we mean by the mind becoming the Master. The thought of moving our body is created and the whole body moves, with the limbs having to move at once, at the same time. If we do not have the ability to move the eyes, body and legs at the same time, this can not be called knowledge of martial arts, but vague movements to hit someone with fists, where it is a form of battle. But when we have the above ability, it is different, because the ability needs the use of the mind.

One has to fully control one 's movements , Qi circulation and mind (this is called XingYi), along with Dan Tian (Chi-Dan Tian's storage area), so that one can include XingYi in to Dan Tian. To control XingYi we have to place our hands on Dan Tian and observe his relationship with the nose.

The purpose of this exercise is to relax and calm down so that we can begin to feel. This is an "internal" practice. Someone who is into martial arts is different from someone who is not into martial arts. The one who deals has stronger Chi and better blood flow. Those who do not do martial arts are normal, but those who do are more than normal. This is because martial arts people use their energy all the time, in all the activities of the day, such as walking, working, reading, talking and when we practice we make up for lost energy. Through the constant practice of observing the internal organs and observing the relationship between Dan Tian and the nose, we will be able to understand our body. This is the way to wisdom. When the practice of inner energy is combined with the practice of external abilities, then we say that we practice internally and externally.

But one should not practice Shaolin Chan martial arts without a kind and compassionate heart, because this kind of martial art is to practice the heart, the mind and the Chi. When one exercises without a kind, compassionate heart and calm mind, one will hurt another with his negative thoughts and will do more harm than good.

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