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Shaolin World Cultural Awards Ceremony

After the successful video conference with the Shaolin Temple Abbot, Xi Ying Xin 大师 大师 and a group of monks, our Cultural Center received two certificates of thanks from the Shaolin Temple and the Henan Province Charitable Federation.

To thank once again all our members, who when needed, donated money and medicine to be sent to Shaolin Temple and from there to the affected areas.

The following is the translation of the certificates:

"To all the members of Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊 少林寺 文化 中心 and the honorable Master Xi Xiang 释 释 向 法师,

Thank you for your support and selfless dedication to the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020, to support medical care and the frontline community, and to practice the Shaolin bodhisattva's "without destiny and compassion" , double cultivation blessings and wisdom, and unlimited value. Loving and happy homes make the future a success.

The Abbot of the Shaolin Temple in China

Shi Yong Sin 释永信 释永信 ”

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