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3-day Shaolin Changui Excursion to Parnitha

A fantastic experience was experienced by those who participated in the "3-Day Expedition Shaolin Changui" at the Buffy Shelter , in Parnitha. They had the opportunity to experience and understand what Shaolin Changui really is, through the teachings of the Master

Xi Yan Xiang (释 延 向).

The subjects taught were Wu Lu Luin Chuan Fa (basic postures, basic skills), the Seven "inner" Nei Gong exercises, Chan Meditation and the traditional ensemble, Shaolin Chan Gong Row Chuan. Master Xi Xiang also spoke about Shaolin Changwi and the special vegetarian diet Shaolin, explaining why all Shaolin Changoy followers, especially those who want to achieve a high level in Shaolin Gong fu, should not eat fish. or eggs, but only legumes and vegetables.

The event was "covered" in a very correct and beautiful way (Pavlos Toumpekis, Photos: Panagiotis Maidis), VICE Greece .

The participants showed great interest in this "difficult" lifestyle of real Shaolin.

To thank from here, all the participants of the excursion, for the wonderful experience we all had! Amitoufo!

As much as I am physically in pain today, I have a headache and I am a little sick ... Thank you for offering me (us) one of the best experiences of my life on all levels mentally and physically and I speak from the bottom of my heart ...

For this .... thank you very much ....

Thank you for giving us the keys and showing us the way! Well done for the very good work in video support etc! When you love what you do ... I saw the video and I was moved! A unique experience that I will never forget, we went to another dimension. Waiting for the next journey of mind and spirit!

Whatever I say is a little, you completely won me over ..., this whole vicious circle inside me is finally over after so many years in this 3 days. AMITUOFO!

What is Changui?

Changwi is a unique Chinese cultural treasure that has been developed for over a thousand years. It is the wisdom of everyday life, which "passed" from the Chinese ancestors, to achieve a calm mind, healthy body and a harmonious life. It is a philosophy for a better understanding of the world, nature, society and ourselves. It is also a way of life that has to do with diet, exercise, taking care of ourselves and socializing with others. In short, it is a way of life that can be considered as a medicine to improve physical and psychological health.

What is Chan?

Chan or Zen means enlightenment. The purpose of Chan's practice is to gain a better understanding of the nature and meaning of life, the way of thinking and how to live, so that we can gain emotional and physical well-being, and live peacefully and healthily.

What is Wu?

Wu means Gong Fu. Gong Fu has many different types, forms and schools. The form of Gong Fu that Chan's students engage in is called Nei Gong (inner Gong Fu). The purpose of practicing this form of Gong Fu is to train the mind, thoughts, and enhance the circulation of qi and blood. That is, we improve our "internal" situation.

What is Yi?

For means treatment. The purpose of learning and practicing in Changui is to live happily ever after. The practice of Chan and Wu from the beginning of Changgui, has been developed, based on the concepts of Chinese medicine and health. So this way of thinking, eating, living has been developed for a healthier life, freeing one from physical and psychological problems.

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