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Gu Luin Kung Fu Workshop in Greece with Teacher Chen Geng

Shaolin Gu Luin Kung Fu is a practice that focuses on the optimal development of health and fitness through the use of some movements, controlling breathing combined with a healthy lifestyle and creating an inner state of meditation and a compassionate heart. It is also an effective and specialized martial art.

On Friday, May 3, through Monday, May 6, the Gu Luin Kung Fu workshop with Master Chen Geng took place successfully at the Shaolin Tsangoui Cultural Center in Greece.

Master Chen Geng is a student of Master Wu Nan Fang 南方 南方 of the Gu Luin Kung Fu Academy in China and the chief instructor of the students of the Academy. He arrives in Greece at 14:30 together with Master Alessio Casaroto of the Gu Luin Academy of Italy, where he was received by Master Xi Xiang άν 延 向 法师from El. Venizelos Airport.

On the same day at 17.00 the Workshop started with some basic steps and a description of Gu Luin's kinesiology. On Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 May from 09.00-12.00 and 14.30-17.30 after warming up with basic steps and routines, we practiced at Chi Gong, Gu Luin Pa Tuan Jin and the Traditional Jin Gang Chuan Ensemble "The Diamond Fist" '(Jin Gang Quan 拳 拳). Master Chen Geng taught us the above set in great detail, wanting to make sure that everyone understood it.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Master Xi Xiang and his students Heng Chi and Heng Jong took the two Masters on a tour of Athens, such as the Acropolis and its museum.

Finally, on Monday, May 6, the Workshop closed with a reiteration of what we had learned and certificates of attendance of the Workshop were given by Master Chen Geng to all participants.

On the same day, Master Chen Geng and Master Alessio Casaroto left for Italy at noon.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts Master Chen Yeng who visited us, as the only place where Gu Luin has been taught systematically for 4 years and promotes his culture in Greece. Also to thank all those who attended showing remarkable interest.


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