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Shaolin Changui & Tai Chi summer camp in Kamatriades, Istiaia, North Evia.

The Cultural Center Shaolin TsanGouGi Greece '' The Source of Young Forest '' and the School of Traditional Shaolin and Tai Chi '' The Source of Young Forest 'in Peristeri, organized the Summer Camp Shaolin TsanGouGi & Tai Chi in Kamatriades Istieas, 16 until 24 July 2016.

The camp program started on Saturday 16/7 at 12:00 and ended on Sunday 24/7 at 12:00.

Participation included: Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), accommodation and participation in all the following items.

The speakers of the camp were Teachers Xi Yang Xiang 向 向 向and Alexopoulos Nikolaos.

Taught: Traditional Shaolin (Shaolin Da Hong Quan Er Lu), Gu Duan Jin, Lao jia Yi Lu, Chan Meditation, Chinese calligraphy (Zhōngguó shūfǎ). There was also a children's section for children under 9 years old.

          The village

Kamatriades is a small picturesque semi-mountainous village built on a slope, but also on a small plateau formed by the foothills of Mount Telethrio at an altitude of 360 meters.

Historically, the village seems to have been created by the inhabitants of the village of Galatsades. For its name, according to tradition, it took its name from the cows of Galatsades, who, grazing in the meadows of the plain, could not turn them back at night, so they were forced to build the village, which took its name from the oxen and was named Kamatriades.

Today, although it maintains its traditional rhythm, it is constantly developing and attracting visitors. The beautiful environment, the wonderful view as well as the activities that it offers make it a special destination for young and old, an ideal base for hiking, horse riding, mountaineering and mountain biking.

Guesthouse - Equestrian center

On Mount Telethrio in the forest, the Kamatriades Equestrian Center is the refuge for those who want to escape from the city. There, the beautiful environment, the wonderful view and the special feeling of a ride in the forest with a horse is a special destination for young and old, an ideal base for hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking.

Forty acres of crops are waiting for you for a real contact with the beautiful nature of the area.

On the farm you will find 12 horses for riding, deer (Asian dama-dama), goats (African dwarfs), ducks, guinea fowl, peacocks, hens, dogs. Riding is done by experienced instructors who take care to show the basics to beginners and non-beginners.

Enjoy a unique excursion to the Kamatriades Equestrian Center and before you get ready to return, do not forget to feed the kids and drink one last Greek coffee on the embers.

Reference to the official website of Shaolin Temple here

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