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Children's Presentation of Educational Material 2017-2018

As every year, this year too, the young Shaolin fighters of the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece 少林寺 少林寺 and the School of Traditional Shaolin and Taitsi in Peristeri, presented on June 22 & 23, respectively, their educational material for the 2017-2018 season.

The "Little Luhans" presented their knowledge in the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and in some acrobatic exercises, with precision, strength and passion under the eyes of their parents and also of the Teachers Xi Yang Xiang 34 延 向 法师, 34th generation monk of the Shaolin Temple of China and Alexopoulos Nikolaos of the School in Peristeri.

Throughout the presentation, the attending parents and friends kept their eyes on little Shaolin, watching with great interest, acknowledging the hard work of their children and teachers, of the past school year.

To thank all the parents for their trust, reminding us that our goal is, our young students growing up, to learn to discipline not only during the lessons but in general themselves throughout their daily lives, understanding mainly the philosophy of war Shaolin art, to become better people. But even if they never need to protect themselves or face a difficult situation, do so, always having the right attitude and psychology, ie compassion and control of mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions) towards every opponent and difficulty of life their.

Thank you all for attending, reminding that the classes will continue in July at the Cultural Center for those who wish. Good summer for the rest! We start strong again in September.

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