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Panos Cave 2017 - Panos Cave 2017 | Shaolin Trekking Greece

On Sunday, December 10, we visited for the second time the cave Panos which is located at an altitude of 690 meters, taking the hiking trail after the Cold Spring of the Tribe, below the peak Arma. The journey took about an hour. The main hall of the cave is 52 m long and 5 - 20 m wide.

The weather helped us with our hike, since it was clear with about 10-12 degrees Celsius. Generally the route is we would say mediocre, due to the inaccessible part at the end of the route, going down to Rema Gouras, just before the ascent to the cave.

But arriving at the cave and facing its entrance, you immediately forget the difficulties of the route. The inside of the cave is quite large and warm due to humidity. There are two interiors. We have access to the main area from the main entrance and to the second either from outside, where you will see a black rope, or from a hole on the left as you enter from the main entrance.

To thank all those who participated in our excursion. It was a beautiful breakfast with pleasant company away from the noises of the city. Many congratulations to the eldest of the company who throughout the journey did not show it in any case. Amitoufo!

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