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Moon Festival - Mid Autumn Festival 2018

The Moon Festival is a harvest festival, celebrated in China and other East Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Singapore.

It is called the Moon Festival because it is celebrated when the moon is believed to be the largest and most complete, and mooncakes are the main feature food of the festival.

The Moon Festival is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year. For the Chinese, the festival means family reunification and harmony. It is celebrated when the moon is full and the Chinese believe that the full moon is a symbol of reunion, harmony and happiness.

So, for another year, we organized the Moon Festival on Monday, September 24th. This beautiful holiday that we all look forward to every year. So this year we met at the well-known spot by the lake, in Antonis Tritsis Park.

This was followed, by the 34th generation Shaolin monk, Xi Yang Xiang 延 延 向 法师, welcome and thanks for the support with their participation, to the participants, followed by an update on the Festival, its history and legend and until rises high the moon enjoyed all the delicacies prepared by the students.

As time went on , everyone started waiting for the traffic lights to fly. After preparing, all together with an order let their lantern fly to the Moon, watching with admiration its evolution.

And so ended this beautiful night of the Moon Festival, with nice company with a "family" atmosphere. Thank you all for attending and giving us unforgettable, beautiful memories. Date of the year. Amitoufo!

Report of the cultural Festival of the Moon from the Chinese newspaper CHINA GREECE TIMES.

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