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Hiking in Drakolimni Tymfi

Hiking in Drakolimni Tymfi. This is probably the most walked route in Zagori, since every year thousands of nature lovers visit it. And of course not unjustly since although it is a bit tedious, in the end every hiker is compensated for his efforts by the amazing beauty of the landscape of Drakolimni.

This hiking route started from the small village of Papigo (altitude 978 m.) And had as its first goal, the shelter of Astraka (1921 m.). According to the signs in the village, the time required to cover the distance of 5 km that separates the small Zagorochori from the shelter, is less than 3 hours. Our time was around 5 hours with the stops we made at each source of the route. These are the fountains: " Antakli " (1178 m), " Trafos " (1522 m.) And " Krouna " (1780 m.), Which of course we do not know if they have water every month. The path is clear, preserved and with frequent marking.

When we start our journey, we pass its first stage through a wooded place. But quickly the landscape is stripped naked since we now enter the Alpine zone of Tymfi.

Arriving at the shelter and after the required stop for a few breaths, we enjoyed his cuisine with a Greek coffee and dessert for about 2 hours. Continuing, we entered the last stage of our course (distance of about 3 km). Our path for a while descended to " Xeroloutsa " and then ascended to Drakolimni. Perhaps the most difficult part of our journey. The steep ascent started for about half an hour where it reached one of the most beautiful destinations of Epirus, Drakolimni of Tymfi (2050 m.).

There we camped for one night with a guard of a beautiful white dog (Trek), who followed us from the beginning of our hike. And of course we did not sleep at night because Trek barked all night smelling and hearing different things.

Waking up in the morning around 06:30 we practiced the Art of Chi Gong and Taichi inhaling the alpine air of the mountain. We took our photos, packed them and started the return.

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