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5th World Buddhist Forum 2018 - 5th World Buddhist Forum

This Forum, entitled "Exchange for Mutual Learning, The Middle Way to Perfect Harmony", included main activities such as the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, sub-forums, the TV forum, the new media forum and the closing ceremony . Also activities such as Buddhist ceremony, Thousands-monastic festivals, gala performances, planting trees "joint suction", photo exhibition and much more.

Stars add glory to the sky. different cultures make the world colorful. This period serves as a platform through which Buddhists from all over the world can communicate, learn from one another, and establish Dharma kinships, thus contributing to our wisdom and strength in building a collective future for humanity with a common goal.

Our country participated in this great event with the presence of Master Xi Xiang 释 延 向 法师, 34th generation Shaolin monk, at the personal invitation of the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple of China Xi Yong Xin 大师 大师 and the organizers of the Forum.

Many opportunities were given to Master Xi Xiang through numerous interviews with Chinese TV channels and newspapers, so that he could express his views on the Forum, Buddhism in our country and in the world in general, surprising the journalists, since our country participated for the first time in such an event, with a Greek monk Shaolin.

"I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for my invitation to attend this important, well-organized Forum, my Master Abbot of the Shaolin Temple of China Xi Ying Xin 大师 大师 and all its organizers. About a thousand Buddhists from all over the world came together to create an equal, open platform for dialogue, exchange and high-level cooperation for people of insight who love the world, care for life, support Buddhism and love love and compassion. Thanks for being there! Amitoufo! ''    

-Si Yan Xiang 释 延 向 法师

An idea from the opening ceremony

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