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Σι Γιάν Τι ì 延 提 (Shì Yán Tí)

Master Xi Yang Ti is a complete 34th generation Shaolin Teacher and direct student of Xi Yongxin, revered abbot of Shaolin Temple in China. Observing his father practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, he became interested in martial arts from a very young age, and at the age of 13 he began to practice Kung Fu himself. He loved it so much that he decided to go to Shaolin Temple.

He was selected by the Shaolin Presentation Team in 2002 and immediately began training with Abbot Xi Jung Sin, who remains his direct teacher to this day. The abbot taught him a lot and, realizing the potential of his student, sent him to Nanjing University in 2008. There he studied world religions and philosophy. Earlier he had also fulfilled the conditions and passed the exams to become an ordained Buddhist monk. He became a high-ranking monk at Shaolin Temple in 2007. But that was not enough.

Master Yan Ti wanted to know more. So while still studying in Nanjing, the abbot and the Chinese government recognized his qualifications to have access to the University of Singapore starting in 2009. He studied Buddhism, English, sociology and science for two years. Later, when he returned to Shaolin Temple, he continued to work with his teacher, the abbot Xi Jung Xin, and was assigned the task of caring for foreign visitors. This gave him the opportunity to practice his English even more.

To this day at Shaolin Temple, he continues to learn Chan Buddhism and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Recently, his valuable knowledge and skills in Shaolin Kung Fu have enabled him to travel outside China to teach Shaolin culture, Chi Kung health exercises and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. He is currently teaching mainly in Europe where he has already found a large number of students. But his work to spread Chan philosophy and Shaolin culture has taken him and will continue to take him to other parts of the world.

The personal website of Master Xi Yan Ti:

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