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Celebration for the End of 2017

On December 22 at 19.00, the Shaolin Temple Greece Cultural Center - Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊 少林寺, organized the annual event of the Celebration of the End of the Year for 2017.

Before the start of the celebration, Master Xi Yang Xiang 释 延 向. Wished everyone happy holidays with happiness, health and compassion for all living beings. He also thanked the delegation of the Chinese Language School of Athens 学校 中文 学校 for their presence and participation in the celebration. An important collaboration over the last three months, during which Master Xi Xiang Xiang teaches Shaolin culture and culture to the Chinese students of the only Chinese School in Athens.

The celebration began with a short but dynamic presentation of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Gong and Chen Tai Chi by the students of the Center and with beautiful Chinese songs by the delegation of the Chinese School of Athens.

After the presentation there were two raffle prizes for the young and adult participants.
Also, everyone enjoyed Chinese and Greek cuisine. Finally, Master Xi Yang
Xia nang invited all attendees, members of the Center and not, to a festive dinner at a local restaurant, to close the year 2017 with joy, love and happiness for the Shaolin family.

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