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Celebration for the End of the Year 2018

Like every December, this year on Saturday, December 22, at 19:00, we celebrated at the Shaolin Temple Greece Cultural Center - Shaolin Temple Greece 少林寺 少林寺, the end of the year 2018.

The evening began with a short speech by Master Xi Xiang άν 延 οντας οντας welcoming the guests, with wishes for Health, Love, Compassion for fellow human beings and Peace around the world.

This was followed by a short presentation of traditional Shaolin and Taichi by the young students of the Center, receiving many warm applauses from all those who attended.

Immediately after the presentation there was a raffle with prizes from the lottery that preceded the entry of visitors to the Center.

After the draw of the prizes and the announcement of the winners, there was no lack of vegetarian cuisine with the recipes of the Teacher and the students.

As every year, this year too, the Celebration of the End of the Year for 2018, closed with a Christmas festive table at the pomegranate restaurant where many visitors and students of the Center followed.

To thank all the attendees of the evening, all the students who took part in the presentation of traditional Shaolin and Taichi and finally all the coordinators of the Feast so that this evening goes well.

To wish once again happy holidays to all with above all health. Our Center will be open with the new year from Monday, January 7. Amitoufo!

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