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World Taichi & Qigong Day 2018

For almost two decades, a phenomenon has developed all over the planet. Every year, on the "last Saturday of April", in hundreds of cities, in more than 80 nations, covering 6 continents ... World Tai Chi and Qigong Day takes place all over the world on the same day.

So this year, as every year, we organized the "World Taichi & Qigong Day" for the year 2018, with the aim of promoting Taitsi culture, in a beautiful, new location, the mountain of Penteli and specifically, outside the Cave of Davelis, where the participants had the opportunity to visit.

The day started with a visit to Davelis Cave, where everyone was thrilled with its rather majestic entrance. After the entrance follows a huge downhill chamber 112 meters long and 40 meters wide.

Shortly afterwards, Master Xi Xiang άν 延 向 法师led the participants to the initial steps before and during the Chan Meditation, beginning a 30-minute session. This was followed by a 40-minute warm-up and basic routines by Chen Taichi Chuan, thus preparing everyone, physically and mentally, for the performance of the Lao Jia Yi Lu form under the guidance of Master Alexopoulos Nikolaos , of the Traditional Shaolin and Taichi School. Finally, Master Xi Yiang Xiang led the participants in the internal performance of Qigong Pa Tuan Jin 锦 锦 "The Eight Pieces of Silk".

The event ended with a group photo of students and teachers.

We would like to warmly thank the Shaolin Cultural Center of Paiania for their participation.

Report of the World Taichi & Qigong Day 2018 from the China Greece Times newspaper here.

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