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3-day Shaolin Changui & Taitsi Excursion to Parnitha 2018

For another year, from 11/16 to 11/18/18, a three-day event with authentic Shaolin and Taichi culture took place, on the beautiful Parnitha mountain, rich in flora and fauna at an altitude of 1161m, at the Buffy mountain refuge, at the highest point of the city. and just an hour away from the noises of the city of Athens. In a warm and welcoming place, with a unique view, we lived unique, unforgettable experiences practicing traditional Shaolin and Taichi, Chan Meditation, inside Kung Fu Neigong, with documentaries about inner energy (Qi) and traditional Kung Fu , but also our hiking in the foggy mountain landscape.

The three-day material that the participants had the opportunity to learn from the 34th generation monk Shaolin Xi Yan Xiang 释 延 法师 法师, was the original form of the traditional Shaolin Luohan Xi Ba Show 少 林罗汉 十八 手, exercises created by Bodin and handed them over to the Shaolin monks in the form of a battle, the Seven Inner Kung Fu Exercises 內功 and Chan Meditation 坐禅 and by Master Alexopoulos Nikolaos part of the original Taichi form, the Lao Tzia Yi form Lu 陈氏 老 老 架 一路.

Every day of the excursion there was plenty of food with Vegetarian cuisine.

The purpose of the Shaolin Temple Greece Κ 少林寺 Cultural Center in Greece είναι πραγμα, is to promote the real Shaolin and Taichi culture in Greece, so that those interested do not have contact with it only during the hours at the Center, but to integrate it into their daily routine and benefit substantially from it.

We would like to thank all the participants but especially Sissy, Amalia and Evelyn who traveled from Switzerland for the excursion. We hope you all had a good time, having gained unique experiences with beautiful memories. Farewell! Amitoufo!

Report of our 3-day Excursion from the Chinese newspaper CHINA GREECE TIMES

Report from the official website of Shaolin Temple here


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