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The Shaolin Wushu Association in Greece

In 1993 the Dengfeng Shaolin Wushu Association was formally established as a branch of the Chinese Wushu Association , which is responsible for regulating and directing the martial art of Shaolin Kung fu.

The Shaolin Wushu Association was founded on November 9, 1993. Over the years it has gradually matured under the guidance of leaders at all levels and the support of martial arts. With the tenet of "promoting Chinese martial arts and martial arts heritage", the Federation uses the motto "to promote tradition, ethics, discipline training, so as to revitalize Shaolin and contribute to the prosperity of civilization." of Shaolin martial arts, enriching the spirit of Zen and building a harmonious society ''.

The leaders are the same coordinators of the Shaolin area in Dengfeng: The two leading figures are Grand Master Wang Songwei and Grand Master Zheng Yaofeng . Together they were selected by the Beijing office to work with the leadership of the Dengfeng Shaolin Wushu Association of China, ensuring the practice and development of Shaolin Kung fu.

The greatest Shaolin Masters, trained in the place where this martial art was born more than 1500 years ago, were the most suitable, official Shaolin kung fu practitioners in China. The Shaolin Wushu Association of China deals with the military and health aspects of Shaolin Kung fu practice.

It established regulations and reference standards for the fifty Shaolin schools in the Dengfeng area , which were later extended to all Shaolin schools in China. Promotes national and international competitions and events mainly in the Henan Province region.

Prior to the founding of the Shaolin Wushu Association of China, the committee formed by the Shaolin Teachers already existed and regulated the technical-competitive activity of the Dengfeng schools. The Shaolin Wushu Association was recognized by the Chinese government and the merger with the central federation of Beijing allowed for a better internal structure and greater efficiency in holding Shaolin Kung fu- related events (for example the Shaolin International Festival held every two years in Zhengzhou , capital of Henan) .

The cooperation with the Cultural Center Shaolin Temple Greece 少林寺 少林寺 - 中心 中心, makes an official representative of the Shaolin Wushu Association , the 34th generation monk Shaolin Xi Yang Xiang 释 向 法师and the Cultural Center of the Shaolin Temple in Greece. On Thursday, April 12, 2018, the President of the Shaolin Wushu Association της 武术 协会 of China, Master Wang Jong Ren 王宗仁, awarded him the rank of 7th Duan , after nine consecutive years with him. Master Xi Xiang άν 延 法师 法师 is a certified Master of Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts by the Shaolin Wushu Association协会 武术 协会 with registration number 01870002 and President of this branch in Greece.

Presidency Establishment license in Greece 7th Duan

Honorary Presidents: Liang Yiquan, Liu Baoshan, Shi Yongxin (Abbot of Shaolin Temple)

President: Wang Zongren

Vice President: Liu Haiqin, Liang Shaozong, Chen Tongshan

Vice President Technical Director: Liu Haike

General Secretary: Liang Jihong

Vice Presidents: Feng Genhuai, Zheng Zhongxiao, Chen Tongchuan, Zheng Hongqi, Shi Yongdi, Lei Shuchang, Lushan Duo, Wang Zhanfeng, Liu Tao

Standing Committee: Pan Guojing, Song Shuilin, Zhang Guofeng, Wang Yongsheng, Hu Fayuan, Hu Zhengsheng, Wang Weiqiang, Tao Naixu, Qu Shenying, Shen Hucheng, Wang Haiying, Kong Lingfu, Fan Haiyun, Li Zhenyang, Li Xirong, Jin Baosheng

President of Shaolin Wushu Association Greece
Evaluator of Shaolin Wushu Association Greece
Shaolin Wushu Association Greece
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