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Shaolin Qinna Workshop

In case you are in a difficult situation by someone and your physical integrity is threatened, you can quickly reverse the situation by gaining the ability to subdue him!

Emphasis will be placed on training and strengthening the whole body, so that there is some basic physical condition, but also on the combination of movements to quickly and easily avoid a difficult situation, especially for a woman.

Although we would not want anyone to get into such a difficult situation and be forced to use some self-defense technique, unfortunately today there are many unforeseen factors.

Personal security for too many people is constantly threatened from time to time. Whether something happens to us or not, we must always be ready.

So on Sunday 21 October at 10 in the morning at the School of Traditional Shaolin & Taichi, Agios Petros 25A, PC 12136 in Peristeri, we are organizing a Shaolin Qin Na workshop with the speaker of the 34th generation Shaolin Temple warrior, Xi Yang Xiang 释 向 向法师.


40 euros for members (also for members of security forces and members of Civil Protection organizations).

50 euros for non-members

Reservation policy:

50% with the reservation of the participation place until 12 Oct, the remaining 50% until 16 Oct. In case of reservation from 16 Oct onwards the full amount is paid.

Cancellation policy:

For cancellations until 12 October, 50% of the total participation cost will be refunded, once payment has been made.

For cancellations after Oct. 13 and until the day of the workshop, 25% of the total participation cost will be refunded.



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