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Presentation of Chinese Culture at the Foundry Theater

On May 26, the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece 少林寺 少林寺 participated in a Chinese cultural event, organized by the schools of Chinese language and Culture in general, which took place at the Foundry Theater in Athens. Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 法师, founder of the Shaolin Cultural Center, attended the event with a group of students to introduce another important part of Chinese culture, Shaolin culture.

HongLong Schools have long-term collaborations with some of the most distinguished schools such as the private Montessori schools, but also the Maraslio Primary School which belongs to the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The Foundry is a place of art and culture that offers the visitor alternative proposals for fun and entertainment.

The theater was filled with over 300 people, who attended a very beautiful and at the same time dynamic cultural presentation which included many Chinese dances, songs, poems, sketches and of course Shaolin Gong fu.

At the end of the evening, Master Xi Xiang thanked the Hong Long schools for the invitation and promised a future cooperation, thus creating a cultural bond, so that Chinese culture can be promoted more fully in Greece.

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