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Children's presentation of Educational Material 2017

As every year, so this year on Friday 16 June at 18:00, our Little Luhans presented us with the knowledge of their educational material for the year 2016 - 2017. An opportunity for the parents and friends of our little Shaolin who enjoyed, watching them, but also for the "Little Luhans" themselves to show their skills in traditional Shaolin.

A big congratulations to the "Little Luhans", for a very good, disciplined presentation and who face the difficulties of the lessons every day (hard practice and discipline) and are present in every lesson. These little warriors are the future.

We thank the parents and friends of our Little Luhans, who honored us with their presence. Congratulations to our Shaolinaki for their dynamic presentation in the traditional Shaolin, in the acrobatic exercises and the disciplined attitude that they kept throughout. May you all be healthy and to most of you, have a good summer! See you in September! Αμιτουοφό

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