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Moon Festival

On October 4, at 19.00, the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece 少林寺 少林寺 and the School of Traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi in Peristeri, celebrated the Moon Festival in Antonis Tritsis Park. At 18:30, the Cultural Center was everyone's meeting place, where the 34th generation Shaolin monk, Xi Yang Xiang 释 延 向 法师 greeted them with Chinese tea.

Immediately after, they started for Antonis Tritsis Park, where some of the students prepared the celebration near the lake under the roundest, biggest and brightest moon.

Master Xi Yang Xiang thanked all those present for attending this special celebration and spoke about how this day is traditionally celebrated in China as the second largest festival after the Chinese New Year.

There was Chinese and non-Chinese cuisine with noodles and vegetable rice but also as traditionally eaten in China on this day, mooncakes which are not just just a cake. It is a deep cultural tradition deep in the hearts of the Chinese, symbolizing a spiritual feeling. At the Moon Festival, people eat mooncakes with family, relatives and friends to express their love and best wishes.

In the end, all together, as a large family, they enjoyed the spectacle with the flying lanterns with a smile on their faces, thus ending the night of the celebration in the best way.

Master Xi Yang Xiang and the members of the Shaolin Changui Cultural Center of Greece wish the best to the Shanga community and the Reverend Abbot Xi Yong Xin of the Shaolin Temple in China. Amitoufo!

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