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Introduction to Shanghai - The Gui Yi Fa Hui Ceremony 皈依 法 会

On Wednesday, December 5, at 20:00, for the first time in Greece, the Introduction Ceremony was held in Shanghai Gui Yi Fa Hui 皈依 法 会 by the teacher Xi Yan Xiang 释 延 向 法师, 34th generation Shaolin monk, thus opening the door in Sanga, to three of his students, as 35th generation students of war monks of the Shaolin Temple, Alexopoulos Nikolaos (Shi Heng Dao 到 恒 到), Alexander the Great (Shi Heng Zhong 释 恒 忠) and the Royal Angel (Shi Heng Ci 释 恒 慈).

The ceremony began with Master Xi Xiang Xiang explaining in Greek exactly what a Lay student is and the meaning of the introduction ceremony in Sanga and that when one submits to the ceremony, one formalizes the Teacher-student relationship, their connection to the genealogy. and their commitment to serve and support Sanga. He also said that the commitments of a lay student will determine the form of this service and support, which may include volunteering time, regular participation in events, study and taking on ritual or administrative roles.

Master Xi Xiang also explained to the students the Three Precious Gems and the Five Rules of Conduct and that when one becomes a Popular follower it means that one takes refuge in the Three Precious Gems and the Five Rules of Conduct.

After the ceremony, Master Xi Xiang Xiang gave each of the three students the ID with their details and the name Dharma and pointed out that "We do not claim that we fulfill our vows perfectly, in fact this is impossible. We uphold our vows as our ambition and adopt the necessary humility to acknowledge our weaknesses, while continuing to stand with dignity. "

The event ended with some souvenir photos and congratulations to the young Lay students.

Report of the Ceremony from the Chinese newspaper CHINA GREECE TIMES

'' I hope you practice the Buddha's Teachings and cultivate the Five Rules of Conduct as a model, so that you can become a person of unshakable morals, worthy of the respect of others.

My "House", from now on is yours too. I will always be by your side, on the path you walk, as a Teacher - Spiritual Guide. "

- Xi Yan Xiang释 延 向 法师

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