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Traditional Shaolin is especially good for children because it helps them develop physically in the areas of balance, coordination, reaction, flexibility, speed, endurance and strength. We adopt an old tradition and the value of Kung Fu being a "family" and equip our students with confidence.

Education for children is interactive, creating friendships through the many hours of education, so that our lessons are a great way to make new friends. Also every child acquires a form of discipline.

Our philosophy with our children's lessons is to make their learning experience fun, but with an understanding of the importance of good manners, respect for themselves and others and success through hard work. We believe that our lessons embody many positive characteristics and help our children understand that with their own hard work and commitment they can achieve great things.

Here are the main benefits of children taking classes at Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊 少林寺 • 文化 中心:

• Improving behavior at home and at school
• Boost confidence
• Building friendships
• Dealing with Bullying.

In our Center there are two children's departments. One for ages 4-6 years and one for ages 7-10 years.

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