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Davelis Cave 2018 - Davelis Cave | Shaolin Trekking Greece

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, at 08.00, the Shaolin Trekking team visited for the first time the well-known Davelis Cave.

Davelis Cave is a natural cave formed, tens of thousands of years ago, by the acid of the rainwater that eroded the softest limestone. Located at an altitude of 700 m., Northeast of the basin Attikis.Echei length 70 meters, width 46 and the highest point is 20 meters. The name "Davelis" comes from a bandit of the 19th century, reportedly used it to hides his spoils.

The weather was great, with a little cloudy at 16 degrees Celsius, that was needed for a Sunday nature trip. The access was quite easy and fast, with 30 minutes driving by car. (We thank the student Berio Georgios for the move) and about 15 minutes of walking on a dirt road.

At the present entrance of the cave, there is a small church, dedicated to Saint Spyridon. It is quite old and dates back to the 10th or 11th century. A.D.

The cave is quite imposing with a great view of the Attica basin and its strong point is the sunlight that enters from the entrance and illuminates the interior of the cave.

We thank all the participants for the beautiful company. Appointment with the cave again, on Saturday 28/4/2018.

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