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2nd Chan Meditation Isolation

This year we started the month of November with the 2nd Chan Meditation Isolation. The isolation began Saturday 2/11 at 08:00 and shall un Sunday 3/11 at 18:00. On Saturday morning the participants entered the Center leaving their mobile phones at the Secretariat and settled in their rooms.

Participants had the opportunity to escape the daily stress and spend two days at the Shaolin Temple Greece Greece 少林寺 文化 έντρο Cultural Center with the 34th generation Shaolin Monk's Tem Γιάν Γιάν μονα μονα μονα , practicing for about eight hours a day at Chan meditation and more. They also had the opportunity to practice the inner, energetic exercises of Pa Duan Jin 锦 Γι, Yi Jin Jing Νέ and Nei Gong 內功, which relaxed them from sitting Chan Meditation.

I lived an unprecedented amazing experience, "outside" the structure of my daily life. I leave "empty" and "new"! Thank you very much!


Joy and gratitude - Gratitude and joy! For this meditative two-day meditation of authenticity, care and human warmth, Master Xi Yan Xiang, thank you for being here and activating the "Shaolin Cultural Center" oasis.


I sincerely thank Master Xi Yan Xiang for his wisdom and generosity. This Saturday with meditations and deep energy exercises was a stop in the intense stress of my daily life. Thanks again!

Mr. Marianna

This two days of isolation was for me a beautiful experience of interiority. Thank you very much our Master for his care and love. Leaving full of peace, I hope to be able to relive this experience.


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