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First Two Day Meditation Isolation Chan

From Saturday, February 3, from 11:00 am to Sunday, February 4, at 7:00 pm, Master Xi Xiang γκ 法师 法师 with students for the 1st Chan Meditation Isolation remained locked in our Cultural Center, where it was completed satisfactorily.

Participants had the opportunity to live for two days with Master Xi Xiang νοντας 延 νοντας 法师 thus experiencing as much as possible the Chan Meditation period held at the Shaolin Monastery each year, understanding the true Changwi of Shaolin culture as a concept, but also the analysis of the Eight Teachings of Buddhism.

Master Xi Yang Xiang very similarly imitated the Chan Meditation program, as is done at the Shaolin Monastery in China, with constructive, enjoyable, afternoon talks about his monastic life in the Temple, during which he was confined to the Jibba Ceremony where he was handcuffed. . Talk about the authentic Shaolin Changui, Chan (Zen) and the Shaolin diet as much as possible in simple words, so that students can understand it and apply it in their daily lives.

The Master also analyzed the Eight Teachings noting that in reality, it is not so much to do good deeds, but to avoid bad deeds. To abstain from bad deeds is a good deed. Also that it is not only for the followers of Buddhism but for everyone they want to grow spiritually so that they become better people.

We thank all the participants and hope for more entries. It is a difficult spiritual exercise, but necessary for finding our true selves and cultivating a virtuous character. Amitoufo!

Reference to the official website of Shaolin Temple here


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