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Buddha Sakyamuni Birthday 2019 Shakyamuni Buddha Birthday

On Saturday, May 11, we celebrated the Birthday of Buddha Sakyamuni at our Shaolin Temple Greece Κ όπως Cultural Center, as every year, with the 34th generation Shaolin monk, Xi Xiang γκ 向 向 法师, leading the celebration.

The celebration began traditionally, just as it does at Shaolin Temple, with the Buddha Sakyamuni Baby Washing Ceremony by all in attendance, followed by Recitations of Wishes with Master Xi Xiang οδηγ 向 向 οδηγ leading the ceremony, praying for Happiness and Health Peace all over the world.

After the Ceremony, the follower Xi Heng Chi 恒 恒 慈 spoke about who the Buddha was, the principles he taught and the Three Shelters. Shortly afterwards there was a 20 minute Chan Meditation session, followed by a Light Offering Ceremony and the day ended with a free vegetarian meal to cultivate the values ​​of friendship.

The birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, or Gautama Buddha, is celebrated by millions of Buddhists around the world.

Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is estimated to have been born in the 5th century BC.

His teachings were spread by word of mouth and only 440 years after his death began to be recorded.

His father was King Suddhodana Gautama and his mother was Queen Maha Maya (Mayadevi) . According to legend on the night of his arrest. Queen Maya dreamed that she had a white elephant by her side with six tusks. When she found out she was pregnant, Maya left for her father's kingdom to give birth there. But she was on her way when she was in pain and gave birth to her son in the shade of a tree. His mother reportedly died in childbirth or a few days later. During the celebrations for the birth of the little prince, the hermit Asita left the mountain where she lived to see the infant. When little Siddhartha (the one who will achieve his goals, his name means) put his foot in the hermit's hair, he examined the marks and predicted that the infant would become either a great king or a saint.

Five days after the birth, Father Suddhodana organized the ceremony in which his son took his name. He invited eight Brahmins to read the future. They all predicted that the baby's future would be bright, while the youngest, Kaundinya, is said to have become the Buddha, that is, enlightened.

In the countries that follow the Chinese calendar, the Buddha's birthday is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month and is transferable.

To thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who attended. Amitoufo!

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