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Bodhidharma 2017 Birthday Celebration

On November 22, at 19:30, we celebrated the Birthday of the Great Master Bodhidharma at our Cultural Center. An event you should celebrate every year, from all the Shaolin culture centers.

The celebration started traditionally, just like in the Shaolin Temple, with the recitation of the Sutra of the Heart 经 经 by Master Xi Xiang άν 延 向 法师, but also all those present to participate, followed by a ceremony of Offering Light

Passing the Light to students

After the ceremony, Viki Aggeli, a student of the Center, read to everyone about the history and life of Bodhidharma but also how useful his teaching was to the monks of the Shaolin Temple then and today for every practitioner of traditional Shaolin.

Takling about Bodhidharma's life

Shortly afterwards, Master Xi Xiang asked everyone to meditate with him for twenty minutes. After the meditation, there was a Dharma speech by Master Xi Yang Xiang, explaining the meaning of Chan 禅 to everyone, how simple it is and how simplicity makes it difficult to understand.

In the end, there was vegan cuisine for all in attendance.

See the report of the feast here from the official website of Shaolin Temple.

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