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10th Anniversary of the Start Day

On Monday, September 10, we started the new course season for the 2018-2019 academic year. So last Saturday, September 8, 2018, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Opening Day of our Center. Ten years of tireless dissemination of authentic Shaolin culture in Greece by our Master, the 34th generation battle monk Shaolin Shi Yan Xiang Σ 延 向 法师.

A beautiful evening with pleasant old and new faces in a family atmosphere. The evening began with the welcome and wishes for an ideal season for all Teachers, students and not, by Master Xi Xiang γκ 延 向 όπου, where immediately afterwards marked the beginning of a small presentation with traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Gu Luin Kung Fu, Chen Taichi and Shaolin Qingong from the Center students.

Then there was delicious vegetarian cuisine with recipes from the students of the Center.

To warmly thank all those who attended and celebrated together the 10th Anniversary of the Opening Day of our Cultural Center. We continue!

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