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Si Yuan Swan 释 延 炫

Master Shi Yan Xuan (炫 延 炫 Shi Yan Xuan) formerly known as Shi Yan Hao, is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk. He was born into a family practicing Kung Fu and began learning Kung Fu from his father at the age of three.

He entered Shaolin Temple in 1996 and became an apprentice to Abbot Xi Yong Xin, where he changed his name from Hao to Xuan. Later in the Shaolin Temple he joined the group of battle monks in 2002 and is now the chief instructor of the temple demonstration team.

Teacher Shi Yan Hao is also very knowledgeable in the internal martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan Πα, Pa Kua Zhang 掌 掌 and Ba Ji Chuan. He has been to the USA, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Korea and Thailand many times for both demonstrations and teaching.

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