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School of traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi in Peristeri

(Shaolin Temple Greece-Peristeri)

The School of Traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi of Peristeri, has been operating since November 2014, with Teacher Alexopoulos Nikolaos in charge and a personal student of Master Xi Xiang (延 延 向 法师).

The School is open daily from Monday to Friday 17: 00-21: 00 .

The subjects taught at the School are:

Traditional Shaolin (Chan Wu), Shaolin Chi Kung (Chan Yi), Chan Meditation, Chen Tai Chi Chuan and from December there will be a Qin Na section (Qin Na - Locks - Grabs).

For more information you can contact the teacher of the school, Alexopoulos Nikolaos, at 6994405870 , 210 5720255 , in the following form or directly at e-mail: .

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