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Every year we travel to China to exchange cultural values. A special cultural style journey with many Shaolin Kung Fu (inside and outside), Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Chan meditation, a journey for Teachers, students and not. A journey of life experience, which will be engraved in everyone's memories. 1500 years of history and wisdom for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

(We inform you that the sooner the airline tickets are booked, the lower their price will be).


Beijing is the “Capital of a Thousand Years.” We spend two to three nights in Beijing to see the sights and the big market, and we visit the Great Wall, which is the only man-made structure in the world. seen from space the Forbidden City which is the largest royal palace in the world, the fantastic Beijing Opera and finally a tour of the Market.


Shaolin Temple was founded in 495 AD, during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). It is visited every year by thousands from all over the world, as one of the most famous monasteries for Buddhism and Shaolin Changui.

Every year, from our Center, a group of students accompanied by Master Xi Xiang

trained for at least two weeks, by the Shaolin monks themselves, gaining unforgettable, fantastic experiences.


Chen Village is the birthplace of Taichi. For the first time in 2018, after seven years, Master Xi Yang Xiang agrees to be followed in the familiar environment of the home of his Master, Wang Zhang Guo 战国 战国, students and to be taught together the authentic knowledge of the beautiful Art of Chen Tai Chi .

A special and definitely unforgettable experience for all


Shaolin Temple - Luoyang

Zhejiang Village (Tai Chi)




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Total cost of travel:

1900 euros

Advance payment 800 euros up to ---------------

Payment of total cost up to 15 days before departure

The price includes airfare, domestic transportation, accommodation, food and training in all places.

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Shaolin Temple Greece
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